波乐思环 BullersTM Rings

1280-1420℃  TR73

960-1320℃    TR75

960-1250℃     TR27

960-1100℃     TR55

850-1000℃     TR89


1280-1420℃  TR73

960-1320℃    TR75

960-1250℃     TR27

960-1100℃     TR55

850-1000℃     TR89

 波乐思环 BullersTM Rings是什么?

   · BullersTM Rings 是 Mantec 的全球认可的范围BullersTM  高温测量设备的一部份,





      · BullersTM Rings 在一个完整的烧制温度从750℃至1420℃的范围内操作

Bullers™ Rings 最常应用于烧制以下产品:

餐具 洁具 砖 屋面瓦 墙/地砖 耐火材料

Bullers™ Rings 的好处 

• Bullers™ Rings 是质量保证体系的重要组成部分,以确保准确烧制陶瓷产品。 

• Bullers™ Rings 和您的陶瓷器皿一样经历相同的“热旅程”,对 “火候不够”的产品出现早期信号,以便采取预防措施,以确保正确的产品质量。

• Bullers™ Rings 对“热功或热能”的变化非常敏感, 它们的收缩将依赖于温度、燃烧率和保温时间的结合。

 热电偶本 身不能也不会为您提供这一重要信息! 

• Bullers™ Rings 提供了一种快速 低成本、一致又可靠的准确地监测窑性能的方法, 帮助建立Z佳烧制状况:

提高生产量 • 提高生产率 • 减少浪费 • 提高收益率

Place • Measure • Improve

Mantec Technical Ceramics is a prime innovator in its field and, with many decades of experience to support its research efforts, has been successfully manufacturing the industry standard Bullers™ Rings for over 110 years, which enable ceramic manufacturers to control and monitor ‘heat work’ inside their kilns and furnaces.

Product Range

Bullers Rings have been designed so that they are suitable for any type of kiln/furnace and can be conveniently positioned in almost any location on the kiln car due to their practical size.

There are five different types of Bullers Rings with overlapping operating parameters that allow ceramic manufacturers to monitor and control a wide range of firing temperatures from 750°C (1382°F) to 1420°C (2588°F). Mantec believes they are the most flexible and cost efficient temperature control devices available today.

The most common applications for Bullers Rings are in the firing of:

  • Heavy Clay (Bricks & Roof Tiles)

  • Sanitaryware

  • Tableware

  • Wall/Floor Tiles

  • Refractories